Asoba `s presentation at EnlitAfrica 2024.This insightful presentation will explore:

Introduction to Virtual Power Plants (VPPs): Definition and components of VPPs. How VPPs integrate decentralized energy resources. Benefits of VPPs: Enhanced grid stability and reliability. Optimized energy distribution and reduced costs. Increased use of renewable energy sources.

Real-Time Energy Trading: Mechanisms and technologies enabling real-time trading. The role of blockchain and AI in facilitating efficient energy markets. Case studies showcasing successful implementations globally. Impact on the South African Energy Landscape: Current energy challenges and the need for innovative solutions. Potential economic and environmental benefits of adopting VPPs and real-time trading. Policy and regulatory frameworks required to support this transformation.

Future Outlook: Predictions for the growth and evolution of VPPs in South Africa. Strategic steps for stakeholders to harness these technologies effectively.