Asoba – reliable, white glove solutions for

Making reliable power easy and affordable

We finance, install, and manage solar and battery assets for commercial and industrial offtakers across the SADC region


Providing support for studies that determine solar + battery system size and design


We provide debt and equity financing for solar projects up to 10MW in size


We procure top quality components and work with local EPCs to deploy


Leveraging proprietary software to monitor production and manage battery output

You do more with asoba

Onsite energy generation is the key to addressing the persistent power outages that businesses face across SADC.  Asoba provides a full suite of tools for securing reliable power via solar, and closely managing output to ensure reliability of supply


Project Financing

Helping project sponsors with vetted, shovel-ready projects close financing


Off-the-shelf Solar

Offering 100kW, 200kW, and 300kW standardized kits for HVAC, lighting, or refrigeration needs

bespoke solar + battery storage

Customized system design including battery for solar systems over 500kW

How We Work

Project Design

Based on project feasibility and investment readiness, we provide system design and make a PPA offer competitive with current grid electricity prices.  We provide 100% of financing for the project.


While we work with vetted local EPCs to perform the actual installation, we maintain high quality by managing procurement, sourcing components primarily from the United States

Power Management

After installation, we offer full support for operation and maintenance.  With our proprietary PowerOn software, we monitor solar production from the inverter.  We also manage storage-based solar systems as virtual power plants and optimize electricity production in real time throughout each day.

Brands We Work With

Top quality manufacturers of solar inverters, solar panels, and utility scale batteries

Top-tier tech for power you can count on

Contact us for a free viability and system size estimate report for your commercial or industrial property

Clean Energy


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