Asoba — investments in urban renewal, defi, and solar energy

Asoba — investments in urban renewal, defi, and solar energy

Climate change is forcing new models of growth in emerging markets, with new technology paradigms

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Solar-Backed Crypto: Next-Gen Funding for Next-Generation Energy

Tokenizing solar energy production with Zuva, a token that can be staked for APY generated from cashflows of solar projects.  Tokenomics inspired by the new wave of ve(3,3) smart contracts.  Using treasury to secure and deploy liquidity on solar projects that deliver passive income.

Creating Regional Mini-Hubs

Decentralization will be the driver of 21st century economic growth.  Investing in the creation of mixed use commercial + residential zones will help communities – especially those at the fringe of urban cores – realize their growth potential.

Emerging Market Analysis: Can Zimbabwe Attract Growth Capital?

Understanding barriers to investment is a critical part of evaluating “risk” across various emerging markets.  Opportunities for Diasporan retail investment exist where market perception of risk is greater than the reality.  In this whitepaper, we explore Zimbabwean capital markets and assess necessary conditions for attracting Diasporan capital.

The Creator's Handbook

Coming to Amazon and Audible in March 2022

A concise guide to developing shareable vision, building high-functioning teams, and executing on strategy in order to bring about the social change you want to see in the world. 

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Areas of Impact

Urban Renewal

As demographics shift and industries come and go, the economic needs of a city change.  Whether it’s a suburb looking to upzone to address housing shortage, rapidly growing cities looking to mitigate crippling traffic gridlock, or local governments looking to attract and incubate high growth industries, we like to invest in projects that redevelop land to its highest and best use.

Decentralized Finance

Across most emerging markets, the lack of foreign direct investment has meant a dependence on high transaction cost remittances as a primary source of capitalization for small business. DeFi offers transformational change in the ease and speed with which communities can access capital from a global pool of investors without traditional banking bottlenecks or local currency risk.

Solar Energy Production

Climate change is challenging local governments to build adaptive capabilities into city infrastructure to maintain high levels of service for citizens. We invest in the production and distribution of solar energy – as failover micro grids as well as primary power supply – as a key platform for supporting post-Covid urban revitalization.

Looking for a safe, sustainable way to invest in clean tech projects in emerging markets?