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AI-Managed Microgrids

We move power generation and management back into the hands of the businesses and people building Africa's future
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Our mission is to power Africa’s industrial sector with clean energy, AI-driven microgrid management tools that provide 24/7 availability of electricity.

Your firm’s ability to produce is tied to electricity access.

With Asoba, you can do more

Load Shedding, Blackouts, and Grid Instability in Africa: A Continental Challenge
Across Africa, the chronic power deficit is an enduring problem. Load shedding, blackouts, and grid instability...
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The Promise of Distributed Grid Management
In the ever-evolving landscape of energy production and distribution, virtual power plants (VPPs) are...
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Virtual Power Plant
Virtual Power Plant Scheduling: A Future-oriented Perspective for African Businesses
Recent years have seen a surge in research on virtual power plants (VPPs) and their potential in transforming...
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how We Work

We perform desktop and onsite studies to assess electricity consumption needs across al 8760 hours of the year. From there, we design a financially feasible microgrid system centered around battery storage that can ensure 24/7 power supply

We work with vetted local EPCs to perform the actual installation and maintain high quality by managing the system design and procurement process.  We also leverage our partnerships with local banks and solar project equity investors to help finance development via Power Purchase Agreements.

After installation, we establish a data connection between our virtual power plant and the energy inputs/storage resources connected to the microgrid. This allows us to stream data in real time for performance monitoring and historical analysis.

After installation, we offer ongoing O&M through our virtual power plant platform that acts as a central control system for your microgrid. We implement scheduling to maximize battery life, identify optimal times of day to sell excess power to local day-ahead markets, and reduce variance in electricity generation cost faced by operators.

Our Team

Shingai Samudzi


Carlos Chima

Business development

Ambassador Koomson


Shankar Mohanan

technical advisor

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