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Tools for Smart Grid Operation

Advanced Modeling

Real-time forecasting and dispatch scheduling. Available as standalone APIs that can be integrated into your existing workflows and as part of our GridOps as a service platform.

Get The Most From Your Assets

Maximize return on investment for renewable energy inputs via performance optimization, predictive maintenance, energy storage integration and production forecasting. With our GridOps platform, we also provide financing for metering infrastructure and wraparound support for customer billing and collections.

Demand Response and Load Shifting

Providing tools to help customers adjust electricity consumption during peak hours to optimize usage, reduce costs, and support grid stability. We also facilitate the exchange of electricity between customers with solar and battery systems, enabling them to sell excess energy generated to other participants in the grid.

The Future is Distributed

Africa’s 21st economic rise will be powered by distributed renewables. The continent is seeing explosive growth in renewable generation capacity. See how virtual power plant technology is ushering a new era of reliable, affordable clean energy for businesses and utilities.

Enhancing Quality of Life in Africa

Nearly half of all Africans lack reliable grid access. And the data is clear – per capital wealth is directly correlated to electricity availability. Climate platforms tend to focus on CO2 and fossil fuel reductions, to almost the complete exclusion of any quality of life or “just transition” considerations. In reality, the renewables vs fossil fuels debate is a harmful, false framing of the role of energy in supporting quality of life improvements so deperately needed on the continent.

Asoba’s mission, simply, is to build and deploy a smart grid management so that 100% of the continent has access to affordable, reliable electricity.

Meet The Team


Shingai Samudzi


Shingai founded Asoba in 2021, following a decade building and deploying AI tools at companies like Google


Gertie Ogojiaku


Gertie leads all Ops at Asoba, with a background in both oil & gas as well as solar project operations


Dr. Reyn Engelbrecht

R&D and Engineering

Following his PhD in Electronic Engineering, Reyn heads up AI modeling and hardware integration efforts


Chiwoneso Mashapure


Chiwo has a background in Chemistry, but also a deep passion for marketing and runs our external comms.

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