A vision of 2050

Africa with abundant power

Our story

Asoba is the product of a 30 year obsession with economic development in Africa and one undeniable truth: economic development is only possible with widely available, highly reliable electricity via the grid. Something that nearly 80% of all businesses across the continent lack access to.

In our blog, we share our insights about the value chain, geopolitical, and engineering challenges to this process of making reliable electricity access ubiquitous on the continent.

The best generation potential of solar on the planet is in Africa. But the challenge that governments in Africa face in attracting private finance means that IPPs and distributed generation will be the primary source of new capacity as today, national utilities across the continent are forced deal with demand that exceeds supply.

To have a successful transition to renewable energy, we need to first transition from centralized power grids to decentralized ones. This process will lead to the creation of new electricity markets open to private participation, unlocking billions in dormant capital waiting for the economics of battery storage to start looking competitive.

building africa's future power grid

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