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Asoba empowers business to

Operate 24/7
Bypass Load-Shedding
Reduce CO2 Emissions
Buy Affordable Electricity

Microgrid Services and Electricity Trading

Helping African industrial enterprises finance, manage and monetize embedded power generation
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how We Work

System Design

We perform desktop and onsite studies to assess electricity consumption needs across all 8760 hours of the year. From there, we design a financially feasible microgrid system centered around battery storage that can ensure 24/7 power supply


We consolidate projects into a portfolio, structured as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). This efficient financing approach allows us to get the most favorable debt financing rates from our network of 3rd Party financiers to help close financing for the microgrid project.


Our EPC partners will be engaged to execute the construction of your virtual
power plant. With proven track records in construction and interconnection, they follow our quality-controlled technology and procurement guidelines.


Our LightsOn Virtual Power Plant solution is then linked to the devices within the microgrid. We then establish interconnection with either local municipal or national grid to allow for wheeling or electricity trade.

Power Management & VPP

Finally, our LightsOn VPP solution creates an optimized dispatch strategy based on your energy goals. Our AI system ensures that your microgrid asset operates at its maximum potential, intelligently adjusting to energy demands and market conditions.

Our Partners

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Our mission is to power Africa’s industrial sector with clean, 24/7 energy.

We believe that decentralizing power generation and empowering electricity users to generate and sell their own power is the key to a stabilized grid, highly available electricity supply, and affordable prices.


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Our Team

Shingai Samudzi


Product Development for Machine Learning/AI Operations

Commercial Solar Go-To-Market

Carlos Chima

Business Development

Transnational business across Africa

Leads brand marketing and sales

Ambassador Koomson


Facilitating US-Africa business deals

Gov’t and Private Equity fundraising for African infrastructure projects

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