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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Onsite Generation

Challenge: Onsite generation assets, like solar and diesel hybrids, hold immense potential for cost savings and revenue generation. But managing their complex interplay, maximizing output, and navigating volatile energy markets can be a financial headache.

Solution: Meet LightsOn, our AI-powered electricity dispatch scheduler, the game-changer for optimizing your hybrid power assets.

Energy Portfolio Management

Analyzes real-time energy market data, weather forecasts, and asset performance: Gain deep insights into the best generation mix for minimum cost and maximum output.

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Supply, Demand & Price Forecasting

Predicts future energy needs and prices: Anticipate market fluctuations and make informed decisions to buy, sell, or store excess electricity at the most profitable times.

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Solar Expansion, Simplified

Unleash the sun’s full potential: expand your onsite solar capacity with expert design, finance, and more

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Case Study

Supporting an IPP in Nigeria

Revenue optimization and pre-feasibility for additional generation

Business Challenge: To help IPP managing a 2MW minigrid to profitably navigate energy deficits and maximize uptime for its clients, Asoba needed to identify increases to solar and storage capacity that would that would drive the best long-term financial returns

Scalable Solution:

By feeding historical load data, weather data, and price data into the LightsOn power management platform, Asoba was not only able to forecast load and production accurately but also model the ideal solar array size + battery storage to maximize revenue over the next 20 years.

Solution Components:

  • * Load, Spot Price, Production forecasting
  • * Solar + Storage sizing & design

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