Climate change is forcing new models of growth in and new technology paradigms around the world

Climate change is forcing new models of growth in and new technology paradigms around the world

More than ever, emerging market growth is dependent upon clean energy transition

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South Africa's Energy Crisis

In this episode, we cover the challenges that Eskom – South Africa’s electricity grid operator – has been facing, why the country has been experiencing load shedding and rolling brownouts for the past several years, and what the path forward looks like to get the country (and region) back on track in terms of grid reliability.

The Supply Chain and Geopolitics of Clean Energy Transition

The clean energy transition is an imperative due to the speed and impact of climate change.  It will also drive a reshaping of the geopolitical world order.

We look at the growth trajectories and value chain to create a picture of how that reshaping might play out.

How Private Investment Can Save Africa From Climate Change

Aging infrastructure struggling with lack of investment plagues governments across Africa. We take a look at why individual governments are largely failing to step up, how current efforts are largely driven by transnational bodies dependent on western funding, and why private investment is the missing link for building climate resilient infrastructure.

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